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Origin Edit

From the Lands of Zerrakul in the Planes of Deiator(De-a-tor) during the War of the Regi(Reg-I) he was forced to fend for himself against impossible odds. Because you see this war was not of Mortals living or dead but of the Great Deitys of the Regi order. They contained the power to summon hundreds upon hundreds of their kin to kill whoever they seen. The serum stances as they were brought him to become the Lord of Deiator slayer of the Regi order and destroyer of Gods. Gaining this power granted him the curse and gift of immortality. He watched as millenniums passed before him how the seas grew and shrank as gods ruled and fell until he became nothing but legend. After all these years the power balance of his ancient clan became too much for him to control so other deities had to intervene. After the war of Gods tool place Dezacrashon was forced to use every bit of power he obtained to destroy all gods once and for all. This drew the lands into a peace full era and sent him into a deep, deep sleep.

Currently Edit

    When awakend by miners swinging at his crystal body he slawtered the squad and continued to hide and grow in strength and size underground. lossing all memory of the past all he knows is he must become stronger to once again rule the lands. After emerging from the mines he started his journy and for many years he just traveled the lands in search of wealth and power. Exosting his recorses left with but a single clue he now heads to Dawn Bridge in Search of true power.

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